After the first prototype of The Brush, I have redesigned it so that the case would be conductive (steel, aluminium, etc.) with a paper cover on top of it. The paper cover will have a few circular holes to indicate where users should put their fingers when holding a Chinese brush.

The proper way to hold a Chinese brush:
howToHoldAChineseBrush2My second sketch:
2015-11-10 10.15.44

At the same time, I am trying to work on the thrust device (the part that makes the click works!) of the pen.
There was a group of students from BYU who created a giant retractable pen as their project with CAD file online. Hence, I tried a few attempts to print the resized version out from the Ultimaker II:

2015-11-16 19.41.18 2015-11-16 19.41.23

With the failed attempts, I dissected another BIC pen, and reconstructed their retractable part on Rhino5 and tried to 3D print it out:

Since the retractor part is too nano, with the diameter of the core structure less than 1cm, the Ultimaker II was unable to print out the precise detail of the thrust device.

My second prototype of The Brush is very simple, and just to show how I envision my design, and most importantly – IT WORKS!:

2015-11-23 13.30.27

1 x steel tube
1 x paper with laser cut circles
1 x retractable pen
1 x long nail – because the steel tube is too long!
1 x conductive silicone (still in the experimental stage as of Dec4 ’15!)

2015-12-04 23.35.35

It works! So my next step is to find a lighter conductive material, as the steel I used in The Brush 0.2 is very heavy. Also I will have to figure out the thrust device and the conductive silicone part ASAP!!!

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