For part of my thesis project at Parsons MFA DT, I am trying to create a retractable pen (“Click” pen) with the shape of a Chinese brush tip, which I name as The Brush.

The idea came from The Pen by the Cooper Hewitt Museum, that was launched in early 2015. Both The Brush and The Pen share a common value: as a token for users to access more knowledge of the objects in a museum (and in my scenario, an exhibition I curate and design for my thesis).

The following sketch is how I envision it:
2015-12-04 22.40.25 copy

1/ User can perform touch screen function with The Brush.
2/ When user clicks the top (a cap) of The Brush, an ink cartridge will come out from the tip, and he/she can use it like a normal ballpoint pen.

My first prototype:
1 x Chinese brush
1 x anti-static foam


First prototype!

First prototype!

Although the anti-static foam was able to perform the “swipe” / conductive function with my bare hand. Since there is a great resistance from the bamboo of the Chinese brush, there is no conductivity between my hand and the anti-static foam to perform a “swipe” function on any touch screen devices.
Hence, it means I will have to design a brush that transmit conductivity from users to the anti-static tip.

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