As per request of my friend, whom would like to know if the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend has been stalking her, I told her there is a way to check the most recent people whom has viewed her Facebook profile.

It is very easy:
1) Go to your Facebook profile page.
2) Right click and select “View Page Source”
3) Search “IntitialChatFriendsList”, there would be an (array) list of Facebook IDs indicating your recent Facebook profile viewers.
4) Copy the digits, and paste them after “” without the last 2 digits
eg. “”
5) Then you would be able to see the Facebook profile page of that person/friend!

However, my friend finds it clumsy and annoying (which I agree) to paste them one by one, provided the list could be 100+ long! That’s when my coding skill kicked in!

With the array list I got, I coded it with a simple javascript script where it would open 10 windows of the 10 most recent viewers.

Now I am trying to make it neater, whereas to show all the names on the page. I have done a project similar with the Facebook API and wonder if it has a similar algorithm.

Stay tuned!

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