As The Brush 0.2 suggested, I will be conducting experiments to work on a conductive silicone for any shape that I would like to create. With the recommendation by Martin Debie, a part-time faculty at Parsons Paris, to use Encapso K (a clear silicone) to mix with Bare Conductive (an electric paint).

I was measuring the portion by teaspoon, with the following order (from left to right, top to bottom):
A: 1 x tsp of Silicone + 1 tsp of Bare
B: 1 x tsp of Silicone + 1/2 tsp of Bare
C: 1 x tsp of Silicone + 1/4 tsp of Bare
D: 1 x tsp of Silicone + 1/8 tsp of Bare
E: 1 x tsp of Silicone + 1 1/2 tsp of Bare
F: 1 x tsp of Silicone + 3/4 tsp of Bare
G: 2 x tsp of Silicone + 3/5 tsp of Bare
H: 2 x tsp of Silicone + 1/2 tsp of Bare
I: 2 x tsp of Silicone + 1/4 tsp of Bare

I have left them to dry overnight, but they were still wet the next day in the afternoon. I have also realised the conductive paint were sunk and sat at the bottom of the bottle cap where it shown 2 distinctive layers between the silicone and the conductive paint. Hence, I flipped the cap upside down, with my fingercrossed, hoping the conductive paint would sink back to the top layer (so not scientific… HA! But it’s an experiment anyways! Who knows!)

After allowing it to sit for another night, it’s time to test their conductivity! I cleaned the tips of the multimeter before I perform tests on each of them, cos some of the paint was still wet :s
The video above is to celebrate the success of some of the silicone babies and also to live test them with my phone!

And the silicone babies that conducts are…:
2015-12-04 19.03.44 copy

As I did not use a very scientific measurement whilst conducting this experiment, even I have doubt in the result… But it works! I realised the more paint involves, the more conductive it is… (not surprised!) But it works the best when the silicone and paint are 50/50. Moreover, the conductive paint is still wet after drying for 2 days! Hence, I do not think it is an ideal conductive medium I would like to use for my project. And… my next step will be testing silicone with metal powder!

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