As a set designer, I am always alert to the highest potential of use of space within a limited area to portray a certain of atmosphere and vibe visually.

Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined at Royal Academy of Arts is an interesting exhibition with architects to think out of the box and create installations inside a box (RA). I find the some profound convictions within these architects – Li Xiaodong believes “It doesn’t matter what is the container made of, it is what in the container that matters.”, and one of the library he designed in the forest with ridges and limbs was one of his attempts to allow an architectural building to emerge in the natural environment without creating awkward disturbance. Other than that, I am deeply in love with Eduardo Souto de Moura. To him, architecture is a transformation of existing forms with another material. He is a also a wise man with a lot of aspiring ideas of how we should see, read or live in architecture. The work by Diebedo Francis Kere has a huge wow factor as it involves audience to interact with the installation by creating their own little artwork with colourful straws. I admire the interaction elements of this installation but I do not like the work to be honest, it’s too wow and commercial. Despite that, I like Kere’s interpretation of architecture. Due to his background with scarce natural resources, he wanted to create a space that would capture light and allow it to dance through the interior naturally.

I used to think architecture is an art deals with economic, geography, mathematics and physics – something technical. Throughout this exhibition, I am totally in love with the idea of architecture capturing the beauty of light and how this free natural resource is manipulating how buildings or spaces should be designed – either for aesthestic or practicability.

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