With the anticipation from my last Secret Cinema experience (Brazil), I was thrilled to book the tickets of their latest production – The Grand Budapest Hotel. Different from the ideology of their usual secretive experience, we know which movie we are going to watch but I refuse to do any research upon the movie to keep a little surprise for myself. Bagging with my excitement, my friend &I tried our biggest effort to add a 1930s touch to our fashion of the day.

The set upon arrival at the Grand Budapest Hotel was disappointingly dressed (signs and papers were scrapping off with poor quality and even the elevator wasn’t painted wholly, there was still a trace of original wood spotted!) and wasn’t as well as prepared as the last Secret Cinema production (Brazil), wondering if it is a cross production with Fox which made a lot of restrictions to the creative process and development. The scale of the production is comparatively very small to Brazil. It was quite a shame we didn’t get to interact or take part in the exploration bit which Secret Cinema tends to present before the movie starts. However, we get to do a dance in the main lobby hall and despite the hangover with the alcohol lingers in my system from the night before, I had a wonderful time moving my limbs!  The movie finally started after 2 hours of “warm up” wandering in the set, feeling the vibe. It was the first movie I had with Wes Anderson and I have to say its one of the best quality movie I have been watching in years. Script is good, set is good, actors are good, cinematography is good, the set up of everything is so well planned and detailed that I totally admire the movie. I love how Anderson uses different exploration of calligraphy or images in between “chapters” of the book. I love how keys play an important yet subtle part in the movie – they are everywhere! I love how theatrical the set was, it reminds me of Anna Karinina, just that the set and graphics are more old school at times, as if they came out from childhood cardboard/pop-up making, which I find a connection between the “fakeness” of the clean neat graphic signs in the walk through Secret Cinema experience.  As a proud-t0-be attentive to detail person, I still find tiny details from the experience earlier related to the movie itself – might not love my experience with Secret Cinema, but I totally adore the movie!

The Grand Budapest Hotel is definitely a high quality movie of the year that I would recommend  to every single breathing creature on earth :)))

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