If you love Punchdrunk, if you love immersive theatre, try Then She Fell.
If you love Alice In Wonderland, you prolly know the back story of Lewis Carroll (the author) and his muse for the story, Alice Liddell (the real Alice).

It is a  immersive theatre limited to 15 audience per night with an almost personal guided tour set in a hospital ward.
Unlike Punchdrunk, it doesn’t allow you to mobile freely within the location but you could explore as much as you could (with high limitation) within the guided space.

Then She Fell portrayed a lot of contrasts and mirroring in the play. From the contrast between the decent and wild Alice, to the enormous age gap between Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell, to the strict red and seductive white queens, to the contrast of the inner and outer personality of every characters Рevery one seem to have some problems, either mentally or physically, and they need a cure, a break out. Quite a few of their scenes resembles scenes and style of Punchdrunk.

I particularly love the scene of bedtime story by the White Queen at the end, where everything you have been through earlier in different puzzles finally form into a full picture ;and the Madhatter’s party where audience of 4 are highly involved in the dance, conversation and music. Oh yes music… the music of Then She Fell failed to set audience in mood. The tune nor melody are not convincing and I personally think there are too much dialogues involved which killed my fantasy and imagination.

Afterall, it is still a good experience and I highly recommend to the lost child whom get lost in any Punchdrunk production to go to Then She Fell. As you are mostly guided, you would at least pick up a sense of the storyline.

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