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Spinning classes are perhaps the most extreme calorie-melting, muscle-burning exercise we have ever done. So when we heard of a new water-based class that combined the splashy fun of aqua-aerobics with the extreme cardio-workout of a spin class we were intrigued. Not exclusively to the Big Apple only, better still the Aquallure classes now takes place in the sports club at Dolphin Square. I checked in for an early morning class (although there are 8pm classes too) and after a basic warm up, we progressed to a pretty intense, all-body work out. Not only do you get the added benefit of the resistance of the water but you also stay amazingly cool throughout. If you can bear to make it to the early morning classes you can also be at your desk – if you have one – in time for the working day. Just bring your suit – everything else is provided, including the burn.

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After stuffing so much pre-Christmas meals, I have decided to lose some calories and put on my best outfit “vogueing” yoga with Juliet Murrell, a set designer in the fashion, film and design industry. The classes are held in different venues – at a nicely 80s decorated Bethnal Working Men Club with disco ball, or a very spacious and beautiful Finsbury town hall, or… (better keep the venues mysterious for more surprises later!) I had a bad experience of not being able to catch up with the intense normal yoga session, but I managed to nail the new yoga poses with Juliet and pick up my confident again. It was a fun and energetic session stretching my muscle without losing focus along the playful and iconic 80s beat (with live DJ every Tuesday!) whilst trying to hold my balance. I definitely love it as a “dance” class with my breath synchronized with the movement of yoga for an after work relaxation and work out. :)))

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