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My favourite bites.

It was also easier to mix with the silicone!

Conductive Silicone 0.2

Based on the comment from Stephanie S on Google+, I have tried to work on another experiment with Graphite Powder.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.41.53 AM

So here was what I did:

During the mixing, there were some bubbles of “industrial” colour appeared… But the graphite powder are easier to mix with silicone in general (compared with the electrical paint)
2015-12-07 13.45.29And here’s the result:

So the result was… graphite powder + silicone = zero conductivity…

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Conductive Silicone 0.1

As The Brush 0.2 suggested, I will be conducting experiments to work on a conductive silicone for any shape that I would like to create. With the recommendation by Martin Debie, a part-time faculty at Parsons Paris, to use Encapso K (a clear silicone) to mix with Bare Conductive (an electric paint).

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2015-12-04 23.35.35

The Brush 0.2

After the first prototype of The Brush, I have redesigned it so that the case would be conductive (steel, aluminium, etc.) with a paper cover on top of it. The paper cover will have a few circular holes to indicate where users should put their fingers when holding a Chinese brush.

The proper way to hold a Chinese brush:
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Founding Myths: From Hercules to Darth Vader

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 5.31.58 PM

The Petite Galerie curated and designed by Dominique de Font Réalux aims to “foster the encounter between the work and the young, where we made quality extension” by exploring a theme through major works from prehistory to contemporary creation each year.

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The Brush 0.1

For part of my thesis project at Parsons MFA DT, I am trying to create a retractable pen (“Click” pen) with the shape of a Chinese brush tip, which I name as The Brush.

The idea came from The Pen by the Cooper Hewitt Museum, that was launched in early 2015. Both The Brush and The Pen share a common value: as a token for users to access more knowledge of the objects in a museum (and in my scenario, an exhibition I curate and design for my thesis).

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2015-09-16 16.04.37

Take Me (I’m Yours)

Exactly a week ago whilst I was walking along Quai de Conti, I was attracted by the giant poster of Take Me (I’m Yours) with the design of telephone leaflets one usually see on lamp posts, at the front door of Monnaie de Paris.

Today is its first day of public opening and I was very excited to take whatever wooohoooo!

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Ways To Be Secret

Prior my weekend spending in London, with the curiosity about Edward Snowden after watching Citizen Four, I paid a visit to V&A Museum for their exhibition questioning the ownership and right of our of data and privacy.

The location of exhibition is as secret as the exhibition itself. My friend and I had to take an elevator to the 3rd floor, and look for room 76.

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2015-04-07 10.39.54


As one of the assignment for my museum collab class, I have to visit the Palais de la découverte and investigate on their digital tools and my experience with them.

2015-04-07 10.16.20
2015-04-07 10.17.35
2015-04-07 10.18.28
I was wandering on their ground floor randomly, taking note of the QR code sticking around the museum (with instructions in French where I was figuring out how to engage with the experience they try to portray), a big red hoarding attracted me.

2015-04-07 11.04.49

Ahhh so it was an exhibition about Physics. particles… hmmm…

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Stalk Thy Stalker

As per request of my friend, whom would like to know if the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend has been stalking her, I told her there is a way to check the most recent people whom has viewed her Facebook profile.

It is very easy:
1) Go to your Facebook profile page.
2) Right click and select “View Page Source”
3) Search “IntitialChatFriendsList”, there would be an (array) list of Facebook IDs indicating your recent Facebook profile viewers.
4) Copy the digits, and paste them after “http://www.facebook.com/” without the last 2 digits
eg. “http://www.facebook.com/12345678”
5) Then you would be able to see the Facebook profile page of that person/friend!

However, my friend finds it clumsy and annoying (which I agree) to paste them one by one, provided the list could be 100+ long! That’s when my coding skill kicked in!

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Fornasetti : Madness Practice

Ask around my friends, they usually describe me as mad or crazy. I am what I like. I have always been a fan of Fornasetti for their beautifully eccentric-ness. Check out their instagram account, it inherits their eccentricity and playfulness in their layout which I love to stalk on an hourly basis.
Luckily enough, the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs is now hosting an exhibition – “Fornasetti: Madness Practice” to fulfill my curiosity behind the master brain of Piero Fornasetti.

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