December 2015

It was also easier to mix with the silicone!

Conductive Silicone 0.2

Based on the comment from Stephanie S on Google+, I have tried to work on another experiment with Graphite Powder.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.41.53 AM

So here was what I did:

During the mixing, there were some bubbles of “industrial” colour appeared… But the graphite powder are easier to mix with silicone in general (compared with the electrical paint)
2015-12-07 13.45.29And here’s the result:

So the result was… graphite powder + silicone = zero conductivity…

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Conductive Silicone 0.1

As The Brush 0.2 suggested, I will be conducting experiments to work on a conductive silicone for any shape that I would like to create. With the recommendation by Martin Debie, a part-time faculty at Parsons Paris, to use Encapso K (a clear silicone) to mix with Bare Conductive (an electric paint).

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2015-12-04 23.35.35

The Brush 0.2

After the first prototype of The Brush, I have redesigned it so that the case would be conductive (steel, aluminium, etc.) with a paper cover on top of it. The paper cover will have a few circular holes to indicate where users should put their fingers when holding a Chinese brush.

The proper way to hold a Chinese brush:
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