March 2015

Fornasetti : Madness Practice

Ask around my friends, they usually describe me as mad or crazy. I am what I like. I have always been a fan of Fornasetti for their beautifully eccentric-ness. Check out their instagram account, it inherits their eccentricity and playfulness in their layout which I love to stalk on an hourly basis.
Luckily enough, the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs is now hosting an exhibition – “Fornasetti: Madness Practice” to fulfill my curiosity behind the master brain of Piero Fornasetti.

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Editathon #ArtAndFeminism

I am very honoured and happy to be a digital media gallery intern at Fondation Galerie Lafayette in Paris. It is the first multi-disciplinary centre in France and they curate work based on the production of the artists or designers. Sounds cool right? Yes c’est super!

Today is the launch of the first official event of Fondation Galerie Lafayette, it is a two-day Wikipedia Editathon based on #ArtAndFeminism – A publication on Wikipedia marathon for women, feminism and culture, hosted by Lafayette Anticipation in Paris. So Lafayette Anticipation has prepared a list of feminist art related subjects for us to either create or edit, or even for translation.
It was my first time to actually be an editor on Wikipedia and the first thing I did was – Added “French Women Artist” as a category under Feminist Art english page :)))
The second thing I did was added a picture of Suzanne Duchamp and a personData box on her english page. The third thing I did was correcting a typo on the event’s english page 😛 And the final thing I did was adding introduction of Èlisabeth Ballet’s work on her english page.

I did not work on much about the idea of feminism but minor blobs because I do not hold a strong view on what is feminism. However, this editathon allow me to code in Wikipedia and it was an interesting experience on their algorithm and syntax. Even uploading an image would need a long process (ie. picture has to be uploaded to WikiCommons) before it could be shown on Wikipedia so that it could serve as a platform of reliable source. Moreover, I also learnt to use Wikimetrics as a Wiki API to parse editors edit data for further idea development.

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