December 2014


My Pi hates me Part 2.

So I had openFrameworks working on my Pi before.
But all of a sudden, it doesn’t like me and stopped working.

I tried to re-install it for a day.
After realising I have been an idiot as a fresh Linux user.
So for Linux idiot like me, the installation process suggested on oF website is actually as followed:

1) Uncompress the file to:


2) Do sudo code on Terminal:

  • cd
  • curl -O
  • mkdir openFrameworks
  • tar vxfz of_v0.8.4_linuxarmv6l_release.tar.gz -C openFrameworks --strip-components 1

Apparently I tried both methods so it would never work for me.
After I figured that out with my major studio tutor, Sven, I realised I have to connect my lapdock with wifi in order to complete the installation.

Then I tried 3 different pis with 3 different wifi USBs but none of them could ever recognise any wifi connections… and so I turned to an easier method at last by simply attaching openFrameworks with a microphone USB and bluetooth speaker.

DUH oF with Pi.

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“Found In Translation” Typography Exhibition

I love to write, writing is always my favourite. I would rather write than type, and that’s why my moleskin is always full of my scribble.

I always admire typography and I have a pinterest board dedicated to my passion. I find writings as powerful as verbal words. With different strokes, hard or soft edges, it would create a different interpretation of the word itself.

Tonight, I went to the opening night of “Found In Translation”, a collaboration of 22 Korean artists and 22 Western artists, using typography to “mirror” and translate proverbs of their culture with typography.

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